Different Treatments for Dental Anxiety By Dr. Nathaniel Podilsky on May 05, 2013

Treatments for Dental AnxietyMany times before dental visits, some people feel a little nervous. You might know that feeling: you wonder if you have a cavity, if you flossed enough, if that slight tooth ache or sensitivity that you have may be the sign of a potential problem. These are all common and minor worries. Sometimes, however, people may suffer from severe fear of the their dentist, so much so that they refuse to undergo the necessary treatments even when it's most desperately needed.

The team at our Edmonton practice would like to take a moment right now to address the issue of dental anxiety and point out that there are many options out there for making it a less severe issue for patients.

Why Dental Anxiety is So Serious

When a person experiences dental anxiety, they have a severe fear of dental visits and dentists in general. This could make it very difficult for them to sit still while undergoing dental treatment. Many of these patients may even experience panic attacks.

It's for those reasons that it's important for a dentist in Edmonton to consider how patients with these needs can be helped. Below are some common solutions that we rely on.

Establishing Trust at an Early Age

When a child visits a dentist's office, this can be an important first step in mitigating any kind of fear of the dentist in the future. It's important that the family dentist that your child visits is kind, friendly, and does his or her best to educate patients about the care that they are going to receive. This can go a long way toward reducing feelings of fear in the long run since it can establish a sense of trustworthiness in dentists and the dental care field in general.

Sedation Dentistry

Another option for patients is the use of Edmonton sedation dentistry. This dental sedation will involve the use of medications in order to reduce the anxiety of patients. Dental sedation can take different forms, such as:

  • Nitrous oxide (laughing gas)
  • Oral medications
  • IV medications

Sedation dentistry does not refer to the use of general anesthetic during dental treatment. Rather, sedation dentistry will put patients in a conscious but relaxed state so that general dental care treatments can be performed with ease.  Our practice does not provide IV medications.  We do provide Nitrous oxide for our apprehensive patients.

Other Options for Treating Dental Anxiety

In addition to the above, there are also various forms of relaxation therapy that may help patients who suffer from dental anxiety. Acupuncture, aroma therapy, and deep or controlled breathing can also be of help, and we encourage patients to look into traditional treatments as well as alternative medicine in order for them to achieve relaxed states.

Meet with your physician or even a local dental health provider so you can learn other helpful techniques. These will allow you to undergo the cosmetic dentistry treatments or restorative dentistry treatments that you need. Better that these matters be dealt with sooner rather than later so that your dental health can be its very best.

Learn More About these forms of Dental Care Treatments

For more information about your many options for dental care treatment, be sure to contact our practice today. Our entire team looks forward to meeting you in person and helping you achieve the best possible dental health.

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