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One of the first things people notice about you is your smile. Shouldn't it be beautiful and radiant? Dr. Nathaniel Podilsky is an experienced dentist in Edmonton, Alberta with a reputation for creating healthy smiles for every patient he treats. He is dedicated to making a positive impact on everyone who walks through his door.

If you are hiding your smile because it has lost its natural sparkle, dentist Dr. Podilsky wants to help. There is no reason to feel self-conscious about your smile. Contact Dr. Podilsky in Edmonton, Alberta today to take the first step toward the dazzling smile you dream of, and deserve!

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When a beautiful smile is the order of the day, nothing compares to a skilled dentist who can meet your needs. From his dental offices in Edmonton, Alberta, Dr. Nathaniel Podilsky offers a variety of procedures to enhance your smile. From porcelain veneers to teeth whitening, Dr. Podilsky helps boost his patients' confidence in their appearance, encouraging them to show-off their improved smiles! Contact his offices in Edmonton, Alberta to learn how the dentistry services listed below can create the smile of your dreams.

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September, 2011

Dear Dr. Podilsky,

It doesn't seem possible that it's been almost a year now since you "created" my new smile. After 30 years of 'mix and match' crowns and veneers, I knew it was time to consider having them all re-done at the same time so I could enjoy a perfect smile for the first time in my life. From the moment we first met, I felt that you were taking on this project with determination to finally give me the smile I wish I had been born with. To you, it wasn't just about replacing or updating my current crowns and veneers but it was also an opportunity for you to create a piece of art that not only I'd be proud to smile about, but that you'd be proud to say you masterminded.

You and your staff made me feel so welcome and comfortable right from my first appointment. I'm the first to admit that having dental work done is not one of my favorite pastimes and since this new smile would take a few visits, I was nervous and completely out of my comfort zone every time I arrived. The bedside manner that you and your staff showed was amazing..all of you made me feel so at ease. Your attention to detail was truly impressive and your determination to make sure that your work was the best it could be reassured me that you are indeed a true professional.

I never felt like I was simply another patient but instead a friend who you wanted to see leave your office not just happy with the outcome but with more confidence that ever before. First impressions, especially when it comes to a smile, are everything! From the moment I left your office, I felt fabulous knowing that I could finally smile and not worry that my crowns and veneers didn't match. Also just as important, I knew that by replacing my old dental work, you were helping to improve my damaged teeth underneath which went for many years unnoticed.

Even almost a year later, I am still getting used to my fabulous new smile and also to the changes that this type of dental procedure brings. I know within time that sensitivity will be a thing of the past as the crowns and veneers adjust. All great things are worth waiting for!

A huge thanks to you and your staff for your undivided attention, care and professionalism.

Warmest regards,

Seanna Collins

Dr. Podilsky Featured in CRDHA Video Promotion of Dental Hygiene


Hi-Tech Breath Check™

Do you ever wonder whether you have a breath problem?

Do you find yourself avoiding close contact with others? What about social situations at work, shopping, parties, dates, family functions -- do you dare to get close? Or do you hold back, unsure of your breath

Know for sure and have the confidence to be yourself at last!

OraFresh™ introduces the OralChroma™ digital gas chromatograph. This modern Breath Tester will accurately measure any bad smells in your mouth, so you'll know for certain whether you have a problem.

If your test results indicate chronic bad breath, we will explain them to you and recommend treatment. If your symptoms aren't that serious, we will tell you that too. In either case we will give you the information you need to choose the right solution for your individual problem, without any obligation or pressure to buy anything you don't want or need.

Our Hi-Tech Breath Check™ includes detailed breath testing using the OralChroma™ and Halimeter, Organoleptic testing and consultation with an OraFresh™ expert, plus a printed report of your test results.

What we do will take your breath away™

Exhale With Confidence!

The OraVital™ System is a scientific and clinical innovation, uniquely devoted to the treatment of "bad breath & bad taste." Our services consist of:

  1. Detailed chemical and microbial examination of the breath using scientific gas analysis technology and microbiological testing.
  2. Detailed examination of medical, dental, nutritional and life style factors.
  3. Expert diagnosis of all tests and indications, resulting in individualised comprehensive treatment of the problem.
  4. Ongoing dedicated follow-up and support from expert clinicians.

We know your self-confidence is important to you, so please don't suffer another day with the bad breath blues. Call us today to schedule your Hi-Tech Breath Check!

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