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Dental Crowns

Despite our best intentions, sometimes our teeth become damaged to the point where fillings and other conservative treatments won’t work. 

Dental crowns can save part of your natural tooth while restoring its function and appearance. 

Learn how DentaCare Group can fix your smile in a single appointment with crowns made at our office in Downtown Edmonton, AB.

What Are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are a restorative treatment that covers the visible part of your tooth with a “cap” to restore the shape and function of your tooth. Many patients receive crowns after going through a root canal or when they need to repair a broken tooth. In some cases, patients may need a crown to act as an attaching point for a dental bridge. Crowns are made to look like your natural teeth and can also cover aesthetic issues like stains or chips. 

Dental Crown

Benefits of Dental Crowns 

Save your tooth

Our dentists will try to save your tooth if possible, but other treatments like fillings can only do so much. Traditional crowns offer a way to repair your tooth without extracting it. 

Restore Function 

Crowns are made to withstand the pressures of chewing and can restore the shape of your tooth so you can eat and speak naturally. 

Offer Protection

By covering the remainder of your natural tooth, dental crowns can protect the exposed area of the tooth from further damage. 

Aesthetically Pleasing 

Along with returning function, dental crowns can cover tooth discolorations and fix the shape of your tooth to create a better-looking smile. 

Combinable Treatments

We often combine dental crowns with other treatments like root canal therapy and implants to help restore our patients’ smiles.

See the Results  

These photos showcase the dramatic results our patients can experience with dental crowns and other treatments. This patient received a mix of implants, crowns, and veneers to restore or replace missing teeth and ultimately enhance their smile. 

Questions About Dental Crowns? 

We understand that dental crown treatment may sound daunting, especially for our patients who suffer from dental anxiety. Our dentists can walk you through the process of receiving a dental crown and whether it's the best treatment for your unique circumstances. While our dentists can go into more depth on the topic during a consultation, we encourage you to ask questions and voice your concerns at any time. 

Request a consultation to discuss dental crown procedures or call our office in Downtown Edmonton at: 

(780) 428-6846

“Crowns are strong and generally last for about 10 years or longer if you take good care of them.”

Implant-Supported Crowns 

Unlike traditional crowns that cover a tooth, implant-based crowns can restore missing teeth or replace a heavily damaged tooth that cannot be saved. These crowns attach to dental implants, titanium posts that act as artificial tooth roots. 

Dental implants are the only restorative treatment to prevent jawbone deterioration, a natural result of missing teeth over an extended period of time. After the recovery period from the initial procedure, implant-based crowns tend to feel comfortable and secure like natural teeth.

However, patients must have healthy gums and jaws to receive this treatment. In some cases, patients may be able to receive a bone graft to become eligible for dental implant surgery. 

Implant Crowns

Perks of Same-Day Crowns

Our practice in Downtown Edmonton uses CEREC® technology to deliver faster and more convenient crown treatments compared to traditional methods. CEREC allows us to craft crowns in our office on the day of your procedure.

The traditional method of crown fabrication outsources the creation of your crown to an external lab, which can take several weeks to craft and ship a crown. During this time, you’d need to wear a temporary crown, which requires additional care and changes in the way you floss. A temporary crown may even fall out in rare circumstances. 

By using CEREC, we can skip the temporary crown step and cement your permanent crown in place in a single visit to our Edmonton office.  

“Crowns are made from various types of materials. Depending on which tooth needs a crown, your dentist will suggest a material, or combination of materials, that is right for you.”

Porcelain Crowns A Stunning, Time-Tested Material

Porcelain is a popular material choice for crowns at our Edmonton practice. Porcelain features several beneficial properties for dental work, including: 

Natural-Looking Results 

Porcelain appears lifelike because it has translucent properties and reflects light in a way that closely resembles your natural teeth. We can also match its color to your surrounding teeth.  

A Long Track Record 

Ceramic materials like porcelain have a long history of use in dentistry (over 200 years), so we thoroughly understand the pros and cons of porcelain and how to get the most out of the material. 

High Biocompatibility 

Some patients have metal allergies, which disqualifies them for several types of crowns. Porcelain crowns are a great alternative that does not trigger metal allergies and has a low risk of reacting with nearby tissue.  

Traditional Crown Procedure Timeline 

In some cases, patients may need to wait until they recover from other essential treatments before receiving a dental crown. For other procedures like root canals, your dentist may recommend placing the crown as soon as possible to protect the tooth. If you need more than one procedure, our friendly Edmonton staff will work with you to create a treatment schedule.


Our dentists will always begin the process with a thorough discussion about your dental conditions and what you want to achieve with the treatment. We will only recommend dental crowns if the procedure is a good fit for your needs. 

Preparing the Tooth 

On the day of your procedure, we will provide local anesthesia to numb the treatment area. Your tooth will be reshaped so a dental crown can fit over the top. Once this is done, we will take digital scans of the treatment area to create a precise 3D model of your tooth. 

Temporary Crown 

While our CEREC system can create same-day crowns, crowns made of specialty materials will need to be fabricated by a lab. In that case, our partnered lab crafts your crown and ships it to our office, which can take 2-3 weeks. During that time, you need to wear a temporary crown to keep your tooth safe. 

Cementing the Crown 

Whether you choose a traditional or same-day crown, we will place your custom permanent crown on the tooth and test the fit. We will wait for your approval before cementing the crown in place.

Ready to Restore Your Smile?  Request a Consultation Today 

Dr. Nathaniel Podilsky at DentaCare Group can restore the shape, function, and look of your smile using dental crowns. At a consultation, they can examine your oral health and determine whether porcelain crowns or other treatments are right for you. If crowns are the best option for your smile, our in-house CEREC system can mill a custom restoration in as little as an hour.  

To request a consultation, contact us or call our office in Downtown Edmonton at: 

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"Crowns may not be as strong as your natural teeth. So like your natural teeth, remember not to bite down on hard objects or use your teeth to open or cut things."

What Kind of Maintenance Do Crowns Require? 

For the most part, you should not have to make any significant changes to your lifestyle to take care of your new dental crown. Crown patients should practice good dental hygiene and floss daily. The biggest change involves avoiding very hard foods like ice or popcorn kernels, which may crack some crowns. Our dentists will also address any teeth grinding issues and may suggest wearing a mouth guard at night to protect your crown.   

Features of Our Practice  Environmentally Conscious

We believe in supporting the environment, which is why we use VistaClear filtration systems at our Downtown Edmonton location to keep dental runoff from entering the public water system. We are also open to suggestions for other ways we can protect the environment. We believe in supporting the environment, which is why we use VistaClear filtration systems at our Downtown Edmonton location to keep dental runoff from entering the public water system. We are also open to suggestions for other ways we can protect the environment. 

Related Treatments 

Our practice in Downtown Edmonton also offers these related treatments that are often used in combination with dental crowns. 

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy cleans out the infection from inside a tooth by removing some of the inner tissue and roots. After filling and sealing the tooth, there may not be enough tooth structure left for it to remain functional. Dental crowns can help restore the tooth's strength and durability. 

Take a Closer Look at Root Canals

Dental Implants

These restorative posts replace the roots of your teeth and add extra support to your jawbone. A porcelain crown can attach to an implant for a very secure, natural-feeling restoration that replaces one tooth at a time. 

Dental Implants

Financing Your Dental Crowns 

When dental crowns are considered medically necessary, insurance companies usually pay for a part of the cost depending on your specific plan. For those who don’t have insurance or patients who need a way to pay the remaining balance, we offer in-house financing. We also accept most major credit and debit cards. 

Dr. Podilsky

Dr. Podilsky Is Dedicated to Personalized Care

Dr. Podilsky is qualified to care for your smile:

  • Over 40 years of experience
  • Membership with the Canadian Dental Association
  • Dedicated to ongoing training 
  • Membership with the College of Dental Surgeons of Alberta

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