Dental Implant Aftercare: Pain, Swelling, Food, and More By Dr. Nathaniel Podilsky on May 05, 2022

A woman smiles into a handheld mirror as a gloved finger points to her mouthTooth loss can lead to declining oral and overall health. Dr. Nathaniel Podilsky provides dental implants for patients living with tooth loss in Edmonton, AB. Dr. Podilsky uses quality materials and techniques during dental implant treatment. However, patients also play an important role in the success of their implant procedure.

Here, Dr. Podilsky discusses dental implant aftercare to help patients navigate pain, swelling, diet, and oral hygiene following their procedure. Adhering to this advice will help limit the risk of potential complications and may improve recovery.


Patients can expect some bleeding for a few hours after their procedure. Gauze pads and light pressure can keep bleeding at bay. Patients should change their gauze pads once they are completely soaked or at least every hour.

Once the bleeding stops, patients no longer need to use gauze pads. If the bleeding has not stopped after 24 hours, contact Dr. Podilsky in Downtown Edmonton for further instructions.


Dr. Podilsky may prescribe pain medication for patients to take after implant surgery. Patients should carefully follow the instructions on the packaging and avoid alcoholic beverages while taking painkillers. If patients do not have a prescription painkiller, then they may use over-the-counter medications, like acetaminophen or ibuprofen, to manage postoperative pain.


Swelling after dental implant surgery may last for five to seven days. Patients can apply ice packs to the side of the face for 20 minutes as a time to reduce swelling.


Keeping the surgical site clean is of utmost importance. Dr. Podilsky may prescribe a mouthwash to limit microbial growth. Patients can also gently rinse with warm salt water to prevent infections.

Patients should take great care not to vigorously swish the mouthwash or saltwater solution in their mouths. The swishing action can dislodge a newly formed blood clot and lead to prolonged bleeding.


Patients must alter their diets for a few days following implant surgery. Patients should choose softer foods, like smoothies, protein shakes, and soups. However, they should avoid extremely hot or spicy foods, as they may irritate the surgical site.

Frozen treats, like ice cream, can help reduce swelling and soothe sore gums, but they should be eaten in moderation. Too much sugar may encourage harmful bacterial growth.

Proper hydration is integral to the healing process. Patients should drink plenty of fluids while recovering from dental implant surgery, but they must avoid straws for approximately one week following their procedure to avoid disturbing the surgical site. Instead, gently sip directly from a glass, or spoon liquids into the mouth.

Oral Hygiene

Although patients should try not to disturb their new dental implant, they should still be conducting their daily oral hygiene routine. This means that they should continue gently brushing and flossing every day after dental implant surgery. Otherwise, plaque and bacteria may begin to accumulate and lead to future complications.

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