Why Should I Wear Invisalign® Retainers? By Dr. Nathaniel Podilsky on April 22, 2021

Invisalign® retainer to straighten teethOrthodontic treatment like Invisalign can straighten your smile but the treated teeth have a tendency to shift back to their original position. Invisalign retainers stop teeth from moving and are a proactive treatment used to protect your dental alignment. 

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Why are retainers important?

Teeth are supported by roots that hold them in place. Underneath the gums, these roots control the position of the teeth and conform to the pressure of orthodontic treatments. The shape of the jaw also adapts to adjust to this force. Orthodontic treatments (like Invisalign) exert a constant force on the teeth for extended periods of time to change the appearance of the smile. 

However, with orthodontic treatments, the tooth roots become more flexible. These spongy tooth roots have the ability to move teeth into the desired position. Your jawbone changes shape to make room for the teeth.

When treatment is over, the tooth roots are still flexible and can move back to where they were previously. Tooth roots can also shorten or reabsorb after orthodontic treatments. Retainers hold teeth in place while the tissues harden again. It is proven that teeth will shift back to their original position if retainers are not worn as directed.

How long should you wear retainers?

To avoid starting over with braces or aligners, experts suggest wearing retainers for life. Relapsing is when the teeth move back to their original position after orthodontic treatments. Without retainers, relapsing is most likely to happen in the initial months after treatment. 

Every case is different and requires different instructions. We recommend wearing retainers for three to six months day and night while the tooth roots harden again. We also encourage patients to wear retainers during sleep after this time. When patients completely stop wearing their retainers, the teeth may gradually drift to their initial positions. 

Vivera® Retainers

Vivera retainers are transparent, plastic retainers that maintain alignment after orthodontic treatment when used correctly. Some benefits of Vivera retainers include:

  • Customized to feel comfortable for the wearer
  • Strong and durable
  • Don’t affect speech
  • Clear and discreet

Vivera retainers must be replaced when necessary. For example, when the shape of the teeth changes (such as after receiving a crown), we recommend ordering a new retainer.

What do I do if my teeth have already shifted?

If you have been inconsistent with wearing retainers, your teeth may have already shifted. Contact our office to see what you can do to restore alignment to your teeth.

Let’s Keep Your Smile Straight Forever!

A more attractive smile can help you feel confident about speaking, laughing, and smiling in public. You may even gain the confidence to meet new people and try new and exciting activities.

Regular use of Vivera retainers can help keep your smile looking its best.

If you have additional questions about retainers after Invisalign treatment, set up an appointment by contacting our dental office today. Call (780) 428-6846 or message us online.

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