Improve Your Smile with Treatment for a Jutted Tooth By Dr. Nathaniel Podilsky on July 24, 2017

A jutted toothA tooth that juts out can lead to dental problems and self esteem issues. Fortunately, cosmetic dentistry treatments are available to address the appearance of jutted teeth.

If one or more jutted teeth make you want to hide your smile, treatment for a jutted tooth may be right for you. Contact Edmonton, AB dentist Nathaniel Podilsky to find out if you're a candidate. In the meantime, read on to learn more about jutted teeth and your treatment options. 

About Jutted Teeth

A jutted tooth is a tooth that protrudes outward, sometimes resting on the lip. Jutted teeth may occur in either arch and may affect one or more teeth. Often, the two upper, front teeth, jut out, a condition that is called “buck teeth.”

Overcrowding of the teeth frequently causes jutted teeth. Since there isn't enough room for the teeth to grow properly, the space constrictions of overcrowding can cause one or more teeth to jut forward. Overcrowding may occur as a result of an undersized jawbone or it may be caused by the size of the teeth, the eruption of wisdom teeth, or having one or more supernumerary (or extra) teeth.

Besides overcrowding, a jutted tooth may develop as a result of thumb sucking, pacifier use, or bottle use long after the age of two. Others may develop a jutted tooth from a swallowing reflex disorder called tongue thrust. With tongue thrust, the tongue pushes against the upper teeth instead of the roof of the mouth when swallowing. Over time, the pressure of the tongue can push one or more teeth outward.

Why Treat a Jutted Tooth?

A jutted tooth may seem like a cosmetic issue, but it's more than that. Jutted teeth can lead to oral health problems and should be treated as early as possible. Two of the biggest issues with jutted teeth are the impact on bite alignment and the impact on the enamel.

One or more jutted teeth may cause alignment issues, sometimes resulting in jaw strain and discomfort. Jutted teeth may also cause the teeth to wear unevenly, increasing the risk of enamel erosion and tooth decay.

Treatment for a Jutted Tooth

Undergoing treatment for a jutted tooth can help protect oral health and improve the smile's appearance. Most patients with a jutted tooth benefit from orthodontic treatment, including:

  • Traditional Orthodontics: Traditional orthodontics can bring even the most severely jutted teeth into proper alignment. Braces produce straight teeth through a system of brackets and wires, which are applied to the teeth. The braces are gradually tightened in order to gently correct the position of the teeth and enhance the smile.
  • Invisalign®: Invisalign® is an aesthetically pleasing alternative to braces and can correct alignment issues, including mild to moderately jutted teeth. Instead of adjusting the teeth with metal braces, Invisalign® uses a series or transparent aligners. The aligners are changed every two weeks until the teeth no longer protrude and the desired position is achieved. 

Find out Which Treatments Are Right for You

For more information about treatment for a jutted tooth, or to discuss your dental care needs, we welcome you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Podilsky.

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