Are You a Good Candidate for Invisalign® Clear Aligners? By Dr. Nathaniel Podilsky on July 26, 2016

An Invisalign® alignerSince its inception, the Invisalign® system has taken the world of orthodontics by storm, revolutionizing the way that people straighten their teeth and improve their bites. Invisalign® offers a multitude of benefits that make it potentially ideal for patients with orthodontic issues such as misalignment and gaps between teeth. For one, Invisalign® aligners are removable, which means that patients can eat, brush, and floss without restriction. For another, they are virtually undetectable to others, which makes them far more aesthetically pleasing than conventional metal braces. Finally, because the aligners are custom-crafted from a non-abrasive plastic material, they fit comfortably in the mouths of wearers, making them far less cumbersome and painful over the course of treatment than any other orthodontic appliance.

With all of the advantages that Invisalign® has to offer, you may be wondering to yourself why someone wouldn’t choose to straighten their teeth using this extraordinary method. The answer is that not all patients are good candidates for Invisalign® treatment. Dr. Nathaniel Podilsky and Dr. Leah Stempfle carefully evaluates potential Invisalign® candidates at his Edmonton, AB cosmetic and general dentistry practice to ensure that they will truly benefit from using the Invisalign® system before approving them for treatment. If he feels that they are not good candidates for Invisalign®, then he suggests alternative orthodontic treatments that are more likely to yield the results that they desire.

Are you a good candidate for Invisalign® clear orthodontic aligners? To find out for yourself, please schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Podilsky and Dr. Stempfle today.

Candidacy for Invisalign®

In general, most people with minor to moderate orthodontic misalignment, crookedness, spacing issues, or crowdedness are considered suitable candidates for Invisalign® treatment. Patients with more severe instances of these issues may still experience good results with Invisalign®; however, Dr. Podilsky or De. Stempfle may recommend traditional metal braces in some cases.

Patients with orthodontic issues that are rooted in problems with jaw alignment are far less likely to be good candidates for Invisalign® treatment, although Invisalign® may be used as part of a more comprehensive treatment plan at some point. Dr. Podilsky and Dr. Stempfle will almost certainly recommend alternative methods of correcting the primary orthodontic issues, however.

If your orthodontic issue falls under the umbrella of issues that can be treated with Invisalign®, there are still other criteria that you must meet in order to be considered a suitable candidate. For instance, you must:

  • Have healthy teeth and gums, free from periodontal disease and tooth decay
  • Be willing to wear your aligners for between 20 and 22 hours a day, without fail, in order to achieve the best possible results as quickly as possible
  • Be willing to follow all instructions provided to you by Dr. Podilsky and/or Dr. Stempfle to the absolute letter
  • Understand that maintaining your results requires a lifetime commitment to good oral hygiene and possibly wearing a retainer at night
  • Be willing and able to care for your Invisalign® aligners properly

Find Out Whether You Are a Good Candidate for Invisalign® Treatment

To find out whether you are a good candidate for Invisalign® treatment, please contact the cosmetic and general dentistry practice of Dr. Nathaniel Podilsky today.

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