Are You a Suitable Candidate for a Custom Mouth Guard? By Dr. Nathaniel Podilsky on May 21, 2015

A woman clutching her jaw, suggesting she might be a candidate for a custom mouth guardYou may be surprised to learn that, in addition to performing cosmetic, restorative, and general dentistry, Dr. Nathaniel Podilsky also crafts custom mouth guards for appropriate candidates at his Edmonton practice. Then again, if you stop to think about it, who would be better qualified to create an apparatus intended to protect your teeth, gums, and other oral structures from harm than an experienced, highly trained dentist?

Dr. Podilsky uses his intimate knowledge of the anatomy of the mouth as a starting point for crafting custom mouth guards. He then takes molds of the patient’s teeth to ensure that the mouth guard is manufactured to fit comfortably and precisely into the patient’s mouth. This enables him to provide the patient with a product that will be durable over the course of at least two years. It will not tear or feel bulky in the mouth, and it will significantly reduce the likelihood of injuries.

If you or someone you love requires an athletic mouth guard, why trust an off-the-shelf, boil-to-fit model to do the job? Professional athletes don’t, and neither should you. There are many advantages to using a professionally crafted mouth guard and no real drawbacks. Best of all, nearly anyone is a candidate for a custom mouth guard at our cosmetic, implant, and family dentistry practice.

Custom Mouth Guards Are Made to Fit Your Mouth

Modern pressure laminated mouthguards are customized to fit the mouths of each individual patient, including the all-important back teeth. Dr. Podilsky is able to make sure that every tooth in the mouth is covered by the mouth guard and that the muscle attachments are not interfered with in any way. He knows precisely how to trim the mouth guard so that it does not harm the gums or the insides of the cheeks in any way. These professional refinements are not possible with boil-to-fit mouth guards.

Custom Mouth Guards Are Cost Effective

Our custom mouth guards are built to withstand at least two years of use without tearing or losing their retention, fit, or thickness. This means that, with proper maintenance, a custom mouth guard can survive at least two football seasons, two basketball seasons, two hockey seasons, and two track seasons without requiring replacement. Proper maintenance is a fairly straightforward matter: rinse before and after each use; clean in cold, soapy water; transport in a well-ventilated container; and do not leave sitting in the sun or in hot water.

If You Are an Athlete, You Are a Good Candidate for a Custom Mouth Guard

If you are cleared to participate in sports, then good news: you are a good candidate for a custom mouth guard. Custom mouth guards are particularly well suited to athletes who participate in contact sports such as football, hockey, boxing, and rugby. Dr. Podilsky also customizes mouth guards for people who suffer from chronic tooth grinding and TMJ disorder.

Find Out Whether You Are a Candidate for a Custom Mouth Guard

To learn whether you are a candidate for a custom mouth guard, please contact the cosmetic, implant, and family dentistry practice of Dr. Nathaniel Podilsky today.

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